Friday, February 19, 2010

Bear and Bunny SVG files

After admiring some Tear Bears online I decided to make an SVG file for a bear and a bunny that i could use until such time that i get up the courage to try making my own Tear Bears!

Updated: These files work now!You can find the SCUT2 file here.  or the SVG file here . If you use the SVG file with SCAL you will need to import it and then select it and go Object, Break Apart to get the pieces.  If it opens up very large in SCAL use the properties window (usually on the left of the screen) to resize it by first putting a check mark in the 'keep proportions' box and then changing the width or hight to something like 10.  It will be much easier to do this BEFORE you break apart the pieces. 

All pieces to make the bunny and bear are separate pieces, I just left them layered in the file so you could see the finished product.  You can move all the pieces individually when you open the SVG file in SCAL or MTC.  I used different colors so that each pieces is clearly visible on the image above.  I even put in some eyebrows and a mouth but I'd suggestion drawing them in rather then cutting out and using the tiny pieces.  Little white dots (marker) can also be added in the eyes to make them 'sparkle'.  And the bears eyes should be black - I used pink only to make them stand out.

They both need a smile don't they.... well DRAW one on! I will! and add  some rosy cheeks with chalk....


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Emily said...

These are so cute! thanks for sharing!